Cipla Career Opportunities: Supply Chain Manager


Job Location: Packlands

Job Purpose

Manage and oversee the supply security, Demand Planning, derisking of supplies, cross functional project management to debottleneck supplies within the Supply Chain Function of Cipla Medpro with the support of robust demand forecasting model and inventory planning processes. This is achieved by collaborating with functional teams (sales, marketing, and finance, QA, CQA, CRA, RA, Production, CMM, Mirren, QCIL, 3rd Party, Teva and any new addition to the FG inventory portfolio for Cipla Medpro ) in order to support the supply chain operating model effectively and help achieve overall sales and service objectives. Supply managers who specialise in Forecasting, Inventory control, Risk management, and Demand Management Specialists analyse the drivers of demand and the disruptors supply in order to generate a forecast and to secure uninterrupted supply for a particular product or service for the SA market. The working capital expense and cash layout along with a consolidated view of raw material requirements are a key driver of success across all suppliers and products.


  • Develop and manage demand forecasts for all product categories by supporting the supply chain activities in order to meet the customer and supplier demands and achieve the overall sales objectives for SA (Cipla Medpro)
  • Manage the inventory planning process for all products in order to support the demand forecasts accurately and achieve overall sales objectives
  • Develop procedures for demand planning processes and systems and effectively use the same to provide the supply chain organisation appropriate information and meet the customer demand
  • Manage the demand and planning function by collaborating cross functionally in order to achieve consensus for operational demand. API procurement consolidation and analysis
  • Continuously Improve and use best practices within the industry in order to integrate market intelligence into the forecasts
  • Manage relationships with external stakeholders in order to ensure smooth execution and delivery of the function
  • Manage and develop the team in order to deliver to the functional objectives. Maintain and develop reporting robustness to meet the requirements of the business.



Education Qualification

B.Com Logistics or Industrial Engineering degree, training specific to demand planning, S&OP, forecasting and general management


Additional:  Finance, ERP systems and forecasting tools and processes, advanced excel, statistical knowledge and business intelligence will be an advantage. Required to do some local and international travel

Relevant Work Experience


Relevant experience:

Minimum 7 – 8 years of experience in the managing of supply chains, or demand management


Skills required:

Strong analytical skill

Collaborative approach

Cross Functional Expertise

Proven Leadership Ability

Critical and analytical thinking

Judgment and decision making

Project management

Operations analysis.

Responsibility Centered
Purpose Inspired
Integrity and Trust Anchored
Innovation Driven
Excellence Focused