BMW Group: Technical Engineer




Represents TWA in complex problem solving processes on the line and with suppliers, with main focus on application plant, involving materials and material handling processes.

Assists with technical competence on introduction of new materials and processes, liaison with suppliers and the TWA Network.

Analyses paint process results to prevent process problems in advance.

Initial and batch release of chemical materials, including paints.
Measurement, evaluation and interpretation of gloss, haze, film-build and colour of vehicles.

Plans, co-ordinates and carries out ISIR test procedures for corrosion resistance and painted plastic part specification adherence according to BMW methods and defined work instructions.

Plans and carries out case related investigations. Initiates and executes chemical analysis (organic, inorganic, metals) requiring specialist equipment (FTIR, ICP, SEM for phosphate crystals) knowledge and personal expertise and able to interprets results.

Reporting and communicating of interpreted test results in a clear and concise format and able to derive conclusions and recommend further actions.

Ensuring that the required accuracy and results are achieved during tests as per BMW guidelines, norms and ISO requirements. Draw up work procedures in accordance to TWA guidelines.

Direct responsibility for accuracy, function and upkeep of specified test and measurement equipment, including maintenance and calibration. Liaison with TWA global network on latest product and process developments.

Responsible for the retention and advancement of specialist skills and knowledge pertaining to the relevant specialist tasks and activities described here.

Qualifications and Experience

Minumum requirements:

National Higher Diploma or BTech in Mechanical or Chemical Engineering or apprenticeship with extensive TWA and paint experience.


2-3 years’ TWA experience.

Working knowledge of BMW TI-3 systems & procedures.

Experience in paint shop environment .

Presentation & communication skills

Background in analytical chemistry.

Report-writing skills.


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