Businesses have an opportunity to contribute to meaningful transformation by investing in young talent through a year-long structured learning programme.

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Location: online

Start date: 18 November 2019

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What is a learnership?

It’s a work-based route to a qualification, comprising both structured practical on-the-job experience (where the business comes in) and structured theoretical training (where the accredited training provider comes in). They are important because they measure success in terms of actual skills that the learner acquires.

Choose Red & Yellow – a training provider that ‘gets’ the industry

We offer a range of SETA-accredited Learnerships – such as the National Certificate in Advertising, and the National Certificate in Information Technology – that are built with the interests of innovative and creative businesses in mind. And we’re always willing to design new learnership opportunities, should there be sufficient demand.

How your business benefits:

  • Our learnerships are SETA-accredited, which means that full funding is available from the relevant SETA, including a monthly stipend for each learner
  • The full cost of the learnership programme – plus each learner’s salary – counts towards your B-BBEE Skills Development targets
  • Tax deductions of up to R100 000 per learner, per annum, can be claimed
  • You get to employ fresh, new, diverse talent; or fast track development of current employees
  • Play a real role in desperately-needed transformation by offering learners work experience and exposing them to better job prospects.


To produce work-ready graduates, with in-demand skills, that gives them access to the job market, and supports meaningful transformation in both your business and the workforce at large.

Duration and format:

7 months in class, 5 months in the workplace. Learners receive a mix of both theoretical training with formal assessments, as well as workplace-learning where they are expected to demonstrate the ability to put in practice the tools we have taught them.

When does it start?

Our learnerships can start anytime of the year, provided we have a minimum total of 30 students. A size ideal for effective learning and great classroom interaction. However, the students don’t all need to come from a single business.

Profile of learner

Aimed at anyone with a matric certificate, between the ages of 18 and 35.

Learner recruitment and employment

  • Many businesses prefer to hand-pick their own candidates, but we are happy to assist you with learner recruitment.
  • A Tripartite Agreement is entered into between the learner, employer and training provider, and lodged with the relevant Seta. If unemployed, the learner enters into a Temporary Employment Contract with the employer for the duration of the Learnership. Unemployed learners receive a monthly allowance; while employed learners continue to earn their salary (which can be fully claimed for).
  • We could assist in placing learners with other employers for the work-based part of the learnership, should it be in the interests of all parties concerned to do so.


Should you wish to take advantage of funding, we strongly recommend that you follow the relevant steps prescribed by the SETA (with which you’re registered). Each SETA has different requirements, timeframes and funding limits, and we can assist you in liaising with them.

Amongst others, you will need to:

  • Ensure that your business is registered with a SETA
  • Comply with your annual SETA compliance requirements, including the submission of an annual Workplace Skills Plan and Annual Report
  • Submit a Letter of Intent in which you apply for Learnership funding


Our Cape Town campus.
Also available in Joburg

Source: Red & Yellow