These 10 High-Paying Jobs Don’t Require A University Degree


These 10 High-Paying Jobs Don’t Require A University Degree. Every year thousands of college graduates receive their diplomas and degrees to join the workforce. Still they face an economy with high unemployment rates, increasing competition for jobs and mounting debt from their college expenses. Some people chose not to go to university, some its by default, but it does not mean that your future is automatically bleak. The following careers pay well, and do not necessarily need a college degree.

1. Small Business Owner

Not everyone is cut out to be an employee; more often than not, high school graduates looking to go into business would prefer to be their own boss and manage their own enterprise. In this case, setting up your own business can be your ticket to hitting the goldmine.

2. Artist

Nearly every company requires a design department, and this is only among the many opportunities artists can delve into. As long as you can draw, paint, or sketch on a solid surface what your creative juices are telling you, you may be able to get a decent job doing what you love.

3. Electrical Power-Line Installers and Repairers

Just think that as long as we rely on electricity, we will always need people who can repair electrical power systems. Electrical repairers are also responsible for fixing and managing telecommunication cables. This is a very good paying job.

4. Makeup Artist

The people whose job is to make sure theatrical and performance artists look perfect for the role also bring home big slabs of bacon. As long as the makeup artists are skilled in applying makeup so that performers become the character their script requires, they have a shot at the job.

5. Farmers, Ranchers, and Other Agricultural Managers

This kind of job may not exactly be the kind that always requires employees to wear a suit and tie, but it is one of the best-paid jobs a high school graduate can get. Working on the farm would mean managing the establishments that produce goods such as livestock, dairy, and crops.

6. Police And Army Officers.

Conduct investigations related to suspected violations of Government or local laws to prevent or solve crimes. Normally you go to a police college for a year. There are fringe benefits that come with these kid of professions.

7. Supervisors Sales Workers

You can work your way up to directly supervise and coordinate activities of sales workers other than retail sales workers.

8. Power Plant Operators

This job involves controlling, operating, or maintain machinery to generate electric power. This also includes auxiliary equipment operators.

9. Gaming Managers

You can find a job at your local hotel as a gaming manager. You will be responsible for planning, directing, or coordinating gaming operations in a casino. This is a well paying job that does not require a degree.

10. Event Planner

Many people are too busy to be running their events, so they need someone to do it on their behalf, with a good pay of course. Plan, direct, or coordinate the services or resources of funeral homes, weddings, parties, anniversaries and all.