She Became a Millionaire at The Age of 25: An Inspiration for a Lot of Young Women in South Africa

Born in Limpopo and raised in the East Rand in Johannesburg, the consumer studies and international businesses graduate’s ability to identify business opportunities has seen her successfully run six business in various countries.

Go big or go home

With the support of her father who is also an entrepreneur, Mukwevho founded her first business M&M Logistics shortly after graduating in 2009, when she was just 18 years.

Within seven years in business, Mukwevho, who is now a multimillionaire, has managed to achieve the kind of business success unheard of by most 25-year-olds. She has successfully launched businesses in South Africa, Lesotho and the USA.

Her business interests range from transportation and logistics to property and events. Her logistics company, MMS Logistics, transports cargo and furniture across a number of African countries including Zimbabwe, Lesotho and Botswana. She also has businesses in printing, construction and hospitality.

Mukwevho has two guest houses and conference venues; Phomolong Guest and Lapheng Guest House. Phomolong Guest House is based in Thohoyandou while Lapheng Guest House is in Maseru, Lesotho.

International breakthrough

Her venture into the US may be her biggest success yet. In 2011, Mukwevho together with her father launched an international heavy goods delivery company, Mukwevho Enterprises.

The company is based in Johannesburg. The opportunity came about when a friend of her father’s, who is based in Chicago in the US, approached her in order to launch a franchise of the logistics business last year.


Word of advice

Because of her past experiences Mukwevho says she is eager to uplift others. “My advice to every aspiring entrepreneur, especially women, is that they must stop this mentality that I want to be rich. Any entrepreneur who wants to get into the business space must a bigger vision than just accumulating money” says Mukwevho

Besides running her businesses, Mukwevho runs a foundation that mentors and financially supports 15 tertiary students. Some of which have just recently graduated.


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