10 Things Every Student Applying For NSFAS In 2018 Should Know

10 Things Every Student Applying For NSFAS In 2018 Should Know. NSFAS has received 300k applications from new entrants. Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Training, Buti Manamela, has provided prospective students with facts they should know regarding NSFAS2018.

1. NFSA has sent SMSs to 50k new students since 18 January and will send the rest this week.

2. If you have received an SMS from NSFAS confirming your grant, please go and register at your institution.

3. All returning students who are on NSFAS should go and register without any hassles at their institutions.

4. No university or TVET College should refuse students to register or expect them to pay anything on the basis of outstanding fees from 2017.

5. If you have applied for NSFAS and have proof, you can use this to apply to the university if you have been granted space to study.

6. All students who had been rejected by NSFAS in 2017 based on the R122k threshold will now be considered based on the new model.

7. All NEW students who HAVE not applied for NSFAS but fall within the R350k threshold will be considered through their institutions

8. The Higher Education Government , SRC’s, Vice Chancellors and NSFAS have reached agreements to ensure that we have an incident free registration process

9. All queries should be directed to Toll Free 0800 87 2222. Also check http://www.mynsfas.co.za  and http://dhet.gov.za

10. You can also speak to your local SRC or walk into your Financial Aid Office, or an NSFAS on campus, or any of the student’s political organizations to assist you.

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