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The Reserve bank of South Africa has authorised the minting of four million R5 Oliver Tambo coins. The South African mint has manufactured these coins and will not make any money from these coins. Nor will the reserve bank greatly financially benefit from the minting of these coins. They will only add a mere twenty million rand to the economy. These coins have been minted for nation building and they will have a profound effect on all of the peoples of our great country. In all countries of the world its greatest leaders are placed onto their national coins. This is to create pride for its peoples. This is also to let all the visitors to our magnificently beautiful country know who our greatest leaders were. Oliver Tambo was the first President of the ANC and he was a giant amongst men. He decided to take on the brutal apartheid system. In so doing this he was fully aware he could be murdered. He put his life on the line for all South Africans to create one of the world’s newest and most successful multiracial democracies.

The South African mint has produced another three coins to promote to the public. They are gold Oliver Tambo coins with only one hundred of them made, twenty thousand of the silver Oliver Tambo coins and fifty thousand of the copper Oliver Tambo coins. Rare coin collecting is the collecting and preservation of a countries national currency coins in pristine condition. Rare coin investors and collectors only collect coins that can or could at the time of their minting be used as currency. The non-currency coins produced by the mint are only worth their metal content. Even if the mint produced a coin which is a non-currency coin with a mintage of only one it will although be rare only be worth its metal content. In the case of the gold Oliver Tambo coin it will have a value of around R500, the silver coin a value of around R50 and the copper coins a value of around 5 cents. The only coins that you should be investing in and collecting are the Oliver Tambo R5 rare coins that are currency coins. In the United States, Great Britain, Canada and Australia. These countries all promote the collection of rare currency coins to preserve the history of their nations. The only coins that investors and collectors buy are rare versions of currency coins they do not buy coins that are not currency coins. There are a few exceptions to this but they do not include the non-currency Oliver Tambo coins that have been produced by The South African Mint.Image result for Oliver Tambo coins

The South African mint has produced in the past non currency Oliver Tambo coins, in various precious metals. But they are only worth their metal content today. These new Oliver Tambo non currency coins will fare none the better. It is only the uneducated that buy non currency coins thinking that they will be like rare coins and appreciate in value in the future. If you want to invest in or collect any Oliver Tambo rare coins it is only the Oliver Tambo R5 rare coins that offer the prospects of financial growth and being considered an investment. This fact has been clearly established in all 196 countries in the world and including South Africa. For a coin anywhere in the world to be considered a rare coin it must have been or be a coin that you could spend as money at the time of it’s minting, that has been preserved in almost perfect condition.

South Africa’s most rare currency coin was minted at the time of Paul Kruger. It is called the ‘The Single 9’. They South African mint only minted one of them. It currently valued at seventy five million rand. It has the potential to become the world’s most rare coin. We expect its value to climb to over two hundred million over the next ten years. S A COIN sold this coin to an investor nineteen years ago for four million six hundred and fifty thousand rand. Our client has seen his coin grow by 1 513% or 83.8% per annum. S A COIN is the largest rare coin dealer in the country and we are experts at locating and placing our investors and collectors into only the highest quality South African rare coins with high rates of appreciation.


S A COIN created a domestic market for the Mandela R5 rare coins that peaked at R500,000,000 throughout the country in 2013. The death of Mandela on 5th of December of 2013 led to the Mandela R5 rare coin market declining by 30% almost immediately and thereafter further falls after the AMCU strike and its effect on our local economy. The Mandela R5 rare coins in rare grades will make a complete recovery. The Mandela R5 rare coins are the only coins in 12 500 years of civilization that have ever been collected by all of the citizens of any country. We expect the Mandela R5 rare coins to become the highest performing rare coins globally in the future when they recover. With the Oliver Tambo R5 rare coins they will not be impacted by his oncoming death, or death. In addition to that the SA economy is beginning to emerge from the recession that was caused by AMCU. All rare coins are dollarized and have a global market that you can sell into as well as being a rand hedge.

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The United States most rare currency coin is the 1804 silver dollar. There are only 19 of them and they sell for US $10,000,000 each. At today’s exchange rate of 13.27 to the US $ that would make one of those coins worth R132,700,000 today. There are no American rare non currency coins that have ever exceeded a value and only in special cases of over US $25,000 or R331,750. Almost all of the non-currency coins that are produced by national mints are only worth their metal content. They usually decline by over 65% from the time of purchase value at the mint the day after you buy them. The 65% being the mark up of the mint for profit, packaging and marketing.


The Oliver Tambo R5 rare coins are very special because they commemorating the one hundredth centenary of a South African political giant. We may never, ever see another currency Oliver Tambo coin minted ever again in our lifetimes.

The pricing of the Oliver Tambo coins is R1,000,000 for an MS-69, R15,000 for an MS-68 and R7,500 for an MS-67 and R2 500 for an MS-66. The attitude of investors and collectors to these coins should be to buy the coins in blocks as an investment. This means that if you were to buy 10 of the MS-68 at R15,000 a coin that you would invest R150,000. That would allow you to sell some of the coins off as they appreciate in value for up to R300,000. We expect the top Oliver Tambo rare coins to double in value within the space of a year. By top coins we would be referring to a coin that is graded MS-68 or higher. You could even purchase R1.5 million rands of the MS-68 coins and dispose of them over the next few years for over R3 million. Out of the entire mintage of the Oliver Tambo R5 rare coins their will probably be only 10 – 12 of these coins in the grade of MS-69. These coins will start at R1 million and then go to R2 million, R3 million, R4 million and so on. There is no ceiling to the growth of a rare coin with only 10 or 12 specimens. There are only 19 of the Americans 1804 silver dollar worth $10 million today. They will grow to $11 million, $12 million and so on. Do not forget that the 1804 American silver dollar is a currency coin and not a limited manufactured coin by the United States mint.

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