Courses That UNISA Offers

Hundreds of thousands of students study through UNISA every year. It is not only the largest university in the country but it also is the only one that offers open distance learning at a degree level.

Some of the notable alumni have included but are not limited to: Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, Kevin Pietersen (current England cricket player) and Jaco van der Westhuyzen (former Springbok rugby player).

The question that may be asked is: how many courses does UNISA offer?

UNISA offers many certificates, degrees and diplomas. How far you get with your studies is entirely up to you. UNISA offers degrees at the bachelor, master and doctoral levels. This gives you the option of studying for as long as you wish and within your own time frame.

UNISA currently has six highly prestigious colleges which offer a broad spectrum of academic and vocational programmes. It also has an exclusive College of Graduate Studies as well as a Graduate School of Business Leadership.

Its disciplines range from Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Economic Management Sciences, Education, Human Sciences and Law, Science, Engineering & Technology.

Besides offering academic degrees, UNISA also offers many courses, certificates and diplomas spanning across several disciplines and subjects. It also offers courses for both academic and non-degree purposes.

A wide range of short course are also on offer. The reasons for enrolling in a short course, vary. Motivations may include vocational enhancement, self interest, improving one’s CV, further study opportunities and many more.

Doing a short course through UNISA as opposed to smaller institutions may be a worthwhile pursuit as UNISA is a reputable, accredited and recognised provider both on a national and international standard.

You can find a full list of courses on offer on the official UNISA website.

A full and comprehensive list of all academic departments, centres, academic bureaus and institutions, can also be found on the UNISA website.

For more information you can contact the UNISA contact centre on: 0861 670 411 (nationally) or +27 11 670 9000 (internationally). Alternatively you can go to the UNISA website for more information.

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